Peach and Rosewater Curd Tartlets


The curd is really simple quick and simple to make. If you can’t find rosewater, don’t worry about it. I honestly think the flavor is lost and just doesn’t add that much. On the other hand, the recipe presents straining the curd as an option; I think that this quite imperative.

The peach curd was really bright and refreshing and. I really liked the basil whipped cream. If you are still skeptical about basil in dessert, just try it and you will be a believer!

Here is a link to the recipe I used for the short pastry. Bake the pastry in tart tins for 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees.


For Peach and Rosewater Curd

about 3 large peaches peel & pureed, about 1 heaping cup of peach puree
1/4 tsp – 1 tsp rosewater, to taste

2/3 cup sugar
4 egg yolks
5 tablespoons butter
1-2 lemons worth of juice 1-3 tablespoons, to taste

For Basil Whipped Cream
4-5 large basil leaves torn into pieces

1/4 cup (50 g) sugar
1 cup (240 mL) heavy cream


Peel peaches with a paring knife, remove pit, and puree in a food processor or blender (I use my mini cuisinart) until smooth.

Make curd. Combine all ingredients except butter in a heat proof bowl and whisk constantly over a pot of simmering water, 20-30 minutes, until thickened & it coats back of wooden spoon. Remove from heat and whisk in butter one tablespoon at a time. Strain curd through a mesh sieve (I skipped this step and didn’t mind, but straining will result in a finer texture) and chill. As noted abovie, it will thicken further as it chills.

Make whipped cream while the curd chills. Combine sugar and basil leaves in the bowl of a mini food processor and grind until completely combined to make “basil sugar”. This can also be accomplished with a mortar and pestle. Pour cream into the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whisk until soft peaks begin to form and slowly add basil sugar with the mixer running until the sugar is dissolved and you have stiff peaks.

Fill cooled pastry shells with the curd and either pipe or spoon the basil whipped cream on top. Garnish with edible flowers and basil leaves. Serve at room temperature or chilled.


24 thoughts on “Peach and Rosewater Curd Tartlets

  1. Wow, these are gorgeous! And food always tastes better when it’s visually appealing, doesn’t it?

    I do the same thing with my shopping. It’s almost an unconscious habit of buying extra of everything. I have no idea why I do this!

  2. You have really amazing clicks. I must say this is an intricate recipe to try but you made it seem easy and really really pretty. You are a genius!
    Anyways, your phenomenal photos have caught our attention, we have been in the lookout for unique and interesting bloggers since we have launched our food photo gallery This will allow you to showcase all your great work and share it with our visitors. We’d be proud to have your work as part of our growing collection to continue to have a larger reach and further inspire all fellow food lovers out there!

  3. Peaches and basil – what an interesting combination! A peach curd sounds delicious, but then I like peach anything! Your tarts are beautiful and I do love this recipe!!! Delicious!

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